Information on the strategy of the company's development

Strategic goals of JSC Uzneftegasinformatika

The main strategic goals of Uzneftegazinformatika JSC (hereinafter — the Company) are:

• to maintain financial stability;

• increase productivity;

• increasing the competitiveness of the Company’s services;

• ensuring production growth rates;

• constant updating of the fleet of used equipment to ensure production activities (including: computer, peripheral, server, network and telecommunications equipment, stands for debugging special software for controllers and testing it — simulators of signals from sensors, equipment necessary for servicing systems PCS — setting elements of pressure, temperature, specialized controllers, measuring instruments, etc.) and development tools software products;

• development of new types of services;

• expansion of the number of clients, including outside the structure of NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”;

• maintaining the high quality of the services provided to ensure maximum customer satisfaction;

• strict adherence to safety and labor protection regulations in the process of carrying out the Company’s production activities.

Main activities

The Company is an engineering and service commissioning organization in the field of industrial automation, energy management industry and information and communication technologies.

Main activities of the Company:

• Design, development, implementation and maintenance of automated process control systems (PCS) systems, fire alarm systems and fire-prevention automatics, industrial power systems;

• Development, implementation and maintenance of application software and information systems for managing production and economic activities;

• System-technical maintenance of computer facilities and information services for operational production activities;

• Technical and methodological maintenance of metrological activities;

• Work on energy audit (energy audit) of facilities and subdivisions of industrial enterprises.

Substantiation of the expediency of development

At present, in connection with the need to intensify the hydrocarbon production process, the need for deep processing of the produced hydrocarbon raw materials in order to obtain greater added value of products, the need to establish a complete and reliable accounting of the extracted raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products at all stages of the technological process of production, Control and management of business processes, one of the most important tasks is to become more complete and qualitative automation Operating and newly commissioned technological facilities, expansion of accounting points for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, introduction of modern systems for remote monitoring of hydrocarbon production and energy consumption, introduction of integrated automation systems for production and economic activities of enterprises and industry organizations based on modern software systems for the implementation ERP, MES and other modern software and information systems.

In these conditions, it is advisable to develop the current activities of the Company with deepening the services rendered by them based on the use of modern instruments, tools and special software, and to create new areas of activity such as calibration, verification and repair of the park of modern measuring instruments of industrial enterprises in the industry, commissioning service subject to the introduction of the industry ERP and MES systems of leading manufacturers, to expand the composition rendered Service waist covering interacting with automation systems technological elements and components of industrial objects, such as turbine components and piston units BCS, hoisting rig mechanisms, etc.

Shared services market analysis

Currently, the Company’s services are covered by 26 of the largest enterprises and organizations of the industry, accounting for about 24% of the total amount available in the industry the main subordinate enterprises and organizations. The company serves the key technological facilities of the largest industrial enterprises and production divisions of the oil and gas production and gas transmission complexes of the industry, the largest local computer networks of enterprises and organizations of the industry, accompanies a significant number of software and information complexes used in the industry to automate workplaces, most of which are developed by the Company. The Company performs service and commissioning works on automation systems necessary to maintain the uninterrupted operation of more than 160 technological facilities of Uzbekneftegaz NHC, including such key facilities as commercial ABCs — 16 facilities, production facilities for the preparation of produced hydrocarbons — 4 facilities, processing facilities Gas — 4 facilities, compressor stations of the gas transportation system — 4 facilities, Chinese drilling rigs — 30 objects, as well as the uninterrupted operation of the automated control system Gas metering (ACSUG) for measuring nodes of the gas transmission system — over 350 objects.

The Company’s services for servicing automated control systems and instrumentation systems are used by the largest industrial enterprises of Uzneftegazdobycha, such as OOO Mubareknegtegaz, Shurtanneftegaz LLC, Gazlineftegazdobycha LLC, Mubarek Gas Processing Plant, Ustyurtgaz LLC, the overwhelming majority The majority of drilling enterprises in the industry, technological facilities of JSC “Uztransgaz”, such as Khodjabad UGS, compressor station DKS-5 Gazliyskogo UMG.

Segmentation of the market

In the process of modernization of technological equipment both in the oil and gas industry and in other branches of the Republic of Uzbekistan, its gradual replacement with modern equipment is being implemented, the management of which is carried out on the basis of the use of intelligent equipment for instrumentation, control equipment and automated control systems using industrial SCADA, In the services of service enterprises in the field of industrial automation has a tendency to increase steadily. The same trend exists in the field of development, implementation and maintenance of applied software and information systems for production and financial management, which is supported by the relevant decisions of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and initiatives coordinating this direction of development of the real sector of the economy of the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The scope of the industry’s needs for the services provided by the Company for designing, developing, implementing and servicing the systems for the automation of technological processes in industrial enterprises, industrial power supplies, security and fire alarm systems and fire-fighting automation, system maintenance and repair of computer equipment, development and implementation of application software Complexes, as well as metrological services in the medium term (for the period 2016-2020) are expressed A person estimated at least 90-100 billion SUMs.

Analysis of the competitive environment

With increasing demand for services in the Company’s core business in the region, there is a significant shortage of human resources in the field of industrial automation, information and communication technology and software applications, which, at least, should not expect a significant increase in competition in the market of services provided by the Company , But at the same time, certain efforts may be required to create financial incentives for the consolidation of highly qualified specialists in Society.

Distinctive features, benefits / benefits of customers

The main characteristics characterizing the quality of services provided by the Company include:

• provision of quality outsourcing for servicing complex technological facilities of manufacturing enterprises, which allows these enterprises to avoid the costs of maintaining a significant staff of their own specialists;

• Relatively easy access to the provision of services due to the presence of departments and technical bases of the Company, capable of timely eliminating emergency stops, performing repair and restoration works at technological facilities;

• Efficiency of drawing up of documents at the expense of wide use of modern information and communication technologies and simplification of process of their registration;

• high professional level of the key specialists of the joint-stock company, both in terms of carrying out work and document processing;

• direct telephone access (without intermediaries) to key specialists of the central office (the Board), when customers need to promptly resolve emerging issues in the provision of services, etc.

Marketing strategy

In the conditions of existing competition, maintaining the Company’s strong position in the market, as well as developing new segments, require an active marketing policy aimed at ensuring the Company’s development strategy. The Company’s marketing policy is organized taking into account the expected changes in the market and is focused on strengthening the Company’s position in the market of services, increasing competitiveness in tariffs, expanding the composition and improving the quality of services provided, and staffing professionals and young professionals.

Thus, the development trends in the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the significant role in ensuring the development of the industry, which are played by the automation of production and information and communication technologies, the potential available in the sector for the sector allow us to confidently forecast the steady growth of the industry’s demand for the services of the Company for a sufficiently long-term perspective.

Activities to achieve strategic goals

In order to fulfill the set tasks, the Company carries out activities in the following areas:

• Increasing the efficiency of production by increasing the professionalism of specialists and providing them with new laboratory equipment, advanced computing equipment and promising software development systems;

• Analysis of current trends in the development of information technologies in terms of their application capabilities for improving production efficiency and management in the industry;

• Carrying out work to analyze and forecast the needs of industry enterprises in modern information technologies;

• Further orientation to the development of web-technologies;

• Development of mobile applications aimed at increasing the efficiency of production organization at the enterprises of the industry;

• Advanced study and mastering of the newest controller equipment, its software, technologies for the implementation of operational dispatch control systems and other classes of production control systems;

• Advanced development of software products, that is, offering customers ready solutions for their identified needs;

• Conducting presentations to demonstrate the prospects for the introduction of modern technologies in industry and non-sectoral enterprises / organizations;

• Organization of refresher courses for specialists;

• Analysis of opportunities to increase the Company’s investment attractiveness;

• Strategic analysis of the history of cooperation with customers and suppliers, making informed management decisions based on it;

• Analysis of the possibilities for developing software products and services not only for enterprises of the industry, but also in other areas (in order to increase competitiveness and investment attractiveness, in order to ensure greater independence from the raw materials industry, with a view to entering international markets);

• Development of the Company’s innovation activity in the field of creating new workstations and services; Introduction of the most up-to-date information technologies;

• Organization of start-ups within the Company for the accelerated introduction of the most advanced information technologies;

• Carrying out works to protect the intellectual property of the Company;

• Development of works in the field of information security:

— protection of production and management information;

— protection of information transmitted over the Internet, including encryption and EDS;

— protection of information placed on cloud servers;

— an integrated approach that combines the use of software with organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of information;

— Improvement of professional skills of the Company’s specialists in the field of information protection.

Plans of the Company for the medium-term period (2016-2020).

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.UP-4707 of 04.03.2015 “On the Program of Measures to Ensure Structural Transformation, Modernization and Diversification of Production for 2015-2019” (item 35-37 of Appendix No. 2), the National Holding Company “Uzbekneftegaz” “Three major investment projects in the field of automation of production activities. Coordination of the implementation of these projects is entrusted to the Company by the decision of the Management Board of NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”. To implement these projects, in accordance with the established procedure, the Company will be involved as a specialized branch organization. Brief information on these projects is given below.

The first project is “Implementation of a comprehensive information system for the computerization of production and economic activities of the National Holding Company” Uzbekneftegaz “(hereinafter referred to as the CIS project). The project provides for the implementation of the ERP-system at the 45 largest enterprises that are part of the Uzbekneftegaz NHC. The project implementation period is 2016-2018. According to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2530 of 16.05.2016. The total cost of the project under the above-mentioned resolution is $ 65 million.

As part of the implementation of this project, the Company has the opportunity to participate both at the stage of implementing the pilot project (covering 3 enterprises) and at the stage of replicating the system (at 42 enterprises of Uzbekneftegaz NHC).

In addition, the project provides for the creation on the basis of the Company of a specialized unit for the maintenance and development of the project of the CIS — Service-and-Maintenance Service (SSNO) with a number of 45 units.

The second project is “Introduction of a system for the operational accounting of products and automated monitoring of technological processes for field preparation, storage, transportation of produced hydrocarbons, their processing and shipment of marketable products” for the enterprises of Uzneftegazboycha and Uznefteprodukt (hereinafter — the ASUPM project). Term of the project implementation 2016-2019gg. The total cost of the project is $ 37.4 million. The total number of covered devices for accounting for hydrocarbons is more than 2, 3 thousand units.

As part of the implementation of this project, the Company will be one of the key executors, and also has good prospects for further servicing the system.

The third project is “Implementation of a GPS monitoring system for the location and traffic parameters of vehicles and special equipment of the subordinate units of NHC” Uzbekneftegaz "(hereinafter referred to as the GPS project). Term of the project implementation 2016-2019gg. The total cost of the project is 29.2 million USD.

As part of the implementation of this project, the Company will be one of the executors, and also has good prospects for further servicing the system.

Another important area of ​​the Company’s work is the implementation of the “Concept for the creation of a unified automated gas monitoring and accounting system for Uztransgaz” (hereinafter — ASKUG) approved by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ibragimov GI. From 24.05.2013.

The concept provides for the creation of 5 levels of ASSC.

Level 1. Measuring units between gas producing and gas transportation organizations, measuring nodes between the main gas pipeline management.

Level 2. Measurement units (gas distribution stations — gas distribution stations) between gas transportation and gas distribution organizations.

Level 3. High-pressure gas distribution points, inter-district metering nodes, the boundaries of large settlements and wholesale consumers connected to high- and medium-pressure gas pipelines.

Level 4. Boundaries of small settlements (mahallas).

Level 5. Household and wholesale consumers connected to low pressure gas pipelines.

The company plans to carry out service and transfer to the new technology (online technology using TAS-IX) ASSCs of the 1st and 2nd level (over 1 thousand measuring devices), and also participate in the implementation of the ASKUG of the 3rd (over 9 thousand meters) Measuring devices) and the 4th (over 15 thousand measuring devices) levels. (Note: Step-by-step implementation of Level 5 ASSCS is envisaged in the framework of the abovementioned Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.UP-4707 of 04.03.2015 with the involvement of foreign manufacturers of household gas meters on a tender basis).

At the same time, the Company will continue active work to expand and deepen all established lines of activity (servicing key technological facilities of the largest industrial enterprises and production units of the oil and gas production and gas transmission complexes of the industry, drilling rigs, service of power supply systems, design of automated process control systems and commissioning, software, computer hardware parks service companies / organizations etc.).

Plans of the Company for the long-term period (2021 — 2025).

The long-term strategic plans of the Company include:

• ensuring the uninterrupted operation of a specialized unit for the maintenance and development of the CIS project on the basis of the Company;

• replication of ERP-system at other branch enterprises that are part of Uzbekneftegaz NHC (in terms of the implemented functional, which includes mainly financial and economic activities);

• Capacity building of ERP-system at 45 enterprises, which were involved in the first stage of implementation (introduction of specialized industry solutions);

• servicing of the automated system for the operational accounting of products (ASUP) at the enterprises of Uzneftegazdobycha and Uznefteprodukt joint-stock companies, increasing the functionality of ASUP;

• service maintenance of the GPS monitoring system for production vehicles and special equipment of subordinate units of NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”;

• service maintenance and enhancement of the functionality of the ASSC of 1st and 4th levels;

• integration into the unified information space of ERP, SCADA and MES-systems functioning in NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”;

• the introduction of various services based on Web technologies.